2 Man Best Ball - Gross & Net - 3 Day Event 
Limited Field - 40 Teams - 80 Players 
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 Contacts: Greg V. Austin 
John Maginnes
 Arrival Date:  October 31st, 2013
 Contact Info: 910-295-6444 - 888.380.GOLF (4653)
 Dep. Date:  November 3rd, 2013








Pinehurst Resort & Country Club The Manor Inn

10/31/13 11/3/13 3 30


Pinehurst Resort & Country Club
The Manor Inn 
Located at: 5 Community Road 
Pinehurst, NC 28374

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 Golf Course  Holes  Date


 Tee Times
Arrival Cocktail Party @ Hackers Lounge in The Manor Inn
*** Complimentary Food & Adult Beverages ***
  10/31/13 80 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Pinehurst Resort Course #1 18 11/1/13 80 9:44 - 12:16 PM
Pinehurst Resort Course #8 18 11/2/13 80 8:36 - 9:57 AM 
1st & 10th Tee Starts
Pinehurst Resort Course #2 18 11/3/13 80 8:00 - 9:30 AM
1st & 10th Tee Starts
Awards Luncheon 
Location: Pinehurst Members Club
2 View Ballroom - Right behind the first tee of The Pinehurst #2 Golf Course
  11/3/13 80 Immediately Following Play
 Pinehurst Course # 1 

Dr. Leroy Culver built the first nine holes and John Dunn Tucker added the next nine, but it is clearly Donald Ross's touch that you feel on Pinehurst's first golf course. Don't let the short 6,089-yard par 70 fool you - it's more of a challenge than it first appears. Wild drives or a sloppy short game can make for a long day. As with any course bearing Ross's name, it is ultimately very playable without losing its challenge - and a favorite for a great starting round.

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 Pinehurst Course # 8 

No. 8 opened in 1996 to commemorate Pinehurst's Centennial. Fazio incorporated signature Ross features into the design of No. 8, including dips and swales around the greens, sloping greens and false fronts. The combination of beautiful rolling terrain, natural wetlands and proximity of the greens to subsequent tees make No. 8 a pleasure to walk. As the site of the PGA Club Pro Championship in 1997 and 1998, it is a proven championship course that daunts and delights all who play it.

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 Pinehurst Course # 2 

It is a challenge not because of its length, topography, unruly routing, water features or green size - but because of the combination of factors that have made thousands laugh and cry at the same time. Crowned greens. Carefully placed bunkers. Strategic layout that tests both the long and short game. It is golf the way it was meant to be played, "the fairest test of championship golf" ever designed by Ross, in his own words. It is also top 10 in the country, and site of more championships than any other course in the country, including the 2005 U.S. Open Championship. The US Open will return in 2014. 

Caddies are available for an additional $50 per bag plus gratuity. Our recommended caddie gratuity is $25 per bag for a walking caddie and $15 per bag for a forecaddie. Superior service gratuity is $40 and up per bag.

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 Package Includes:

 Pinehurst Resort ~ The Manor Inn ~ Accommodations
 2 Man Best Ball - Gross & Net - 3 Day Event 
 Arrival Cocktail Party @ Hackers from 6 - 9 PM
 Breakfast each morning - main dining room at the Carolina Hotel
 Tee Gifts & Prizes 
 Awards Luncheon on Sunday after golf (Putterboy Deli Buffett)

 Green Fees & Cart Fees

 Resort Fees, Service Charges, Golf Surcharges & All Taxes

 Event Cost:

$3,000.00 Per Team ($1,500.00 Per Person) ~ Double Occupancy
$3,600.00 Per Team ($1,800.00 Per Person) ~ Single Occupancy 

$4,600.00 Per Team ($2,300.00 Per Person) ~ Bringing Spouse(s)

*** Payment must be made within 30 days of registering ***
*** Cancellation policy is 30 days prior to event ***

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. Phone: 910-295-6444, 
Toll Free: 1-888-380-GOLF (4653).Thanks,Greg V. Austin

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  Final Payment $3,000.00 Per Team ($1,500.00 Per Person) ~ Double Occupancy DUE UPON REGISTRATION  

Final Payment $3,600.00 Per Team ($1,800.00 Per Person) ~ Single Occupancy  DUE UPON REGISTRATION

Final Payment $4,600.00 Per Team ($2,300.00 Per Person) ~ Bringing Spouse(s)  DUE UPON REGISTRATION

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Player 1 Player 2 Payment Status

Team 1

John Maginnes ~ NC Greg V. Austin ~ NC Paid

Team 2

Mark Shipley ~ VA Tom Shipley ~ VA Paid

Team 3

Steve Tafor ~ GA Manny Ngoh ~ GA Paid

Team 4

James Tanner ~ NC Steven Fox ~ OH Paid
Team 5 Bert Pearce ~ NC Danny Varner ~ NC Paid
Team 6 Wickham Simonds ~ NC David Chapman ~ NC Paid
Team 7 Jack Simonds ~ NC Brian Phillips ~ NC Paid
Team 8 Ward Newton ~ TX Rusty Pierce ~ TX Paid

Team 9

Ed Keenan ~ NJ David Croson ~ NJ Paid

Team 10

Tim McCabe, Sr. ~ MS Tim McCabe, Jr. ~ MS Paid

Team 11

Ralph Van Horn, II ~ OH Ron Cirullo ~ OH Paid

Team 12

Bob Prihoda ~ IL Gene Faut ~ IL Paid

Team 13

Greg Crossley ~ VA Anthony (AJ) Jay ~ VA Paid

Team 14

Brady Steely ~ LA Skipper Bertrand ~ AR Paid

Team 15

Greg Meche ~ LA Jeremy Primeaux ~ LA Paid

Team 16

Jim Rusch ~ FL John Rusch ~ IL Paid

Team 17

Tim Bernstein ~ KY Darryl Woods ~ TX  Paid

Team 18

Bill Booth ~ NC Toy Booth ~ NC Paid

Team 19

John Morris ~ NY Dave Kuck ~ NY Paid

Team 20

John Melville ~ KY Billy Beard ~ NC  Paid

Team 21

Tim Jamieson ~ GA TBD ~  Paid

Team 22

Bill Scorpio ~ TX Ed Scorpio ~ PA Paid

Team 23

Dave Lutz ~ MA Wayne Lieberman ~ MA Paid

Team 24

Steve Biles ~ TN James "Witt" Taylor Paid

Team 25

Steve Dungar ~ WI Curt Sheldon ~ WI Paid

Team 26

Ray Biggs ~ SC Fred Moore ~ MS Paid

Team 27

Dennis Everette ~ GA Carl Peterson ~ Paid

Team 28

Dennis Maier ~ FL Marc Wiener ~ FL Paid

Team 29

James Dickie ~ AB Rob Skrypnek ~ AB Paid

Team 30

Joe Landry ~ LA Jose Artecona ~ LA Paid

Team 31

Bryan Rinehart ~ OH Jon Ferguson ~ OH Paid

Team 32

Omnia Fowler ~ NC Eric Lawhon ~ NC Paid

Team 33

Bill Noah Rick Vano ~ PA Paid

Team 34

James Watkins ~ KY Steve Beard ~ KY Paid
Team 35 David Nelson ~ TX Bryan Montgomery ~ TX Paid
Team 36 Brian Wier ~ AZ Tom Haldeman Paid
Team 37 Michael Wier ~ AZ Pat Haldan  Paid
Team 38 Chris Mader ~ NH Chris Chausse  Paid
Team 39 Lon Kile ~ TX Dan Pender ~ TX Paid
Team 40 George Williams ~ GA Bill Griffin ~ GA Paid
  Alternate List    
Alternate 1 Mills Goodloe ~ CA TBD  
Alternate 2 Christopher Bell ~ FL Ronny Mitchell ~ CA  
Alternate 3 Robin Waters ~ SC Ryan Waters ~ SC  
Alternate 4 Rusty Knight ~ LA TBD ~  
Alternate 5 Timothy Simmons ~ NC Porter Angel ~ SC  
Alternate 6