2 Man Best Ball - Gross & Net - 3 Day Event 
Limited Field - 26 Teams - 52 Players 
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 Contacts: Greg V. Austin 
John Maginnes
 Arrival Date:  October 27th, 2016
 Contact Info: 910-295-6444 - 888.380.GOLF (4653)
gregaustin@pinehurst.net johnmaginnes@aol.com
 Dep. Date:  October 30th, 2016








Pine Needles Resort
Wedge & Ross Lodges

10/27/16 10/30/16 3 32

Superior Rooms

Pine Needles Resort 
Wedge & Ross Lodges
1005 Midland Road 
Southern Pines, NC 28387

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 Golf Course  Holes  Date


 Tee Times
Arrival Cocktail Party   10/27/16 60 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Talamore Golf Resort 18 10/28/16 60 9:58 - 11:57 AM
Mid Pines 18 10/29/16 60 10:15 - 12:35 AM
Pine Needles 18 10/30/16 60 8:30 AM Shotgun
Awards Luncheon at Pine Needles Resort   10/30/16 60 Immediately Following Play


Talamore has been ranked in the forefront of outstanding  courses in the Village of Pinehurst area; an area which has been known for its golfing traditions for over a century. Talamore Golf Partners hired architect Rees Jones to bring his considerable talents back to Village of Pinehurst in order to design a course that would be visually striking and exceptionally enjoyable. The result was a 7,020 yard course that was ranked in the top five new courses in America upon its opening in 1992 by Golf Digest. According to Rees Jones:  "This is a position course. Length isn't going to benefit the long hitter. What I'm trying to do is require thinking. I don't want to take the drive out of the golfer's hands, but what I want him to have to think about whether he wants to use it.  You have to manufacture golf shots and make them happen. Strategy is an important key to a successful round of golf here.  My hope is that golfers will enjoy this dimension of the game.  Talamore is intended to capture the best of classic golf in the Village of Pinehurst area. The site has a spirit that's unmistakable: one that allowed for a remarkable diversity of features.  There's a challenge in the course that's meant to add to the enjoyment of the game. After all, golf is supposed to be fun."

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In our fast-paced world, we've come to value traditions that reach out  to touch the past. That's why Mid Pines is so special and rare among golf clubs. It has 18 holes that are in exactly the same positions with the same numbers as when the course opened in 1921.Many people have characterized the course as "pure Donald Ross" because of how it fits the land where it was built. It has few forced carries or artificial or contrived holes. Says Lee Pace, writing about the course in Pinehurst magazine: "Mid Pines was never conceived as a daunting task to the finest players competing under championship conditions ... Mid Pines was intended simply as a fun course with adequate challenge for members and guests of a private club and resort."

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Routinely named among North Carolina's top two or three courses (and NC is unusually blessed with exceptional golf courses) Pine Needles stands as one of Donald Ross's most praiseworthy creations. And with its 2005 renovation, Pine Needles has been restored to Ross's original intent. "Time had softened some of the challenges of Pine Needles," said John Fought who led the renovation. "We tried to bring those subtleties back, especially around the greens." Aided by aerial photography from last century, Fought was able to match Ross's original vision.

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 Package Includes:

 Pine Needles ~ Wedge & Ross Lodge ~ Accommodations
 2 Man Best Ball - Gross & Net - 3 Day Event 
 Arrival Cocktail Party
 Tee Gifts & Prizes
 24/7 Hospitality Room & Private Driving Range
 Breakfast Daily

 Green Fees & Cart Fees

 Golf Surcharges & All Taxes

 Event Cost:

$1,250.00 Per Person ($2,500.00 Per Team) ~ Double Occupancy 

 $1,500.00 Per Person ($3,000.00 Per Team)  ~ Single Occupancy

Payment must be made within 30 days of registering ***
*** Cancellation policy is 30 days prior to event ***

This web page was designed specifically for your group. It is to show you where you are staying and playing for this year's event. Payment can be made by simply clicking the link below to fill out the Registration Form. Clicking the link below will take you to the Golf Package Reservation page. If you are mailing us a check please make it out and send to AME Golf, PO Box 1650, Pinehurst, NC 28374. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. Phone: 910-295-6444, Toll Free: 1-888-380-GOLF (4653)Thanks, Greg V. Austin


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Player 1 Player 2 Payment Status

Team 1

John Maginnes ~ NC Greg V. Austin ~ NC Paid

Team 2

Brian Katrek Craig Smith Paid

Team 3

Doc James Watkins ~ KY EG Brown ~ KY Paid

Team 4

Bert Pearce ~ NC Danny Varner ~ NC Paid
Team 5 Ricky Compton ~ VA Donnie Hankins ~ VA Paid
Team 6 John Hazleton ~ PA Paul Smadbeck ~ NY Paid
Team 7 Steve Fox ~ OH Steve Ahlgrim ~ NY Paid
Team 8 James Olesinski ~ Canada
(extra night & #2)
Jim Tannahill ~ Canada
(extra night & #2)

Team 9

Tom Olesinski ~ Canada
(extra night & #2)
Tom Southcott ~ Canada
(extra night & #2)

Team 10

Steve Moye ~ FL Jay Bartholomew ~ FL Paid

Team 11

Marshall Brackin ~ OK Mitch Elkins ~ Paid

Team 12

Scott Ambrose ~ FL Steve Kinsey ~ FL Paid

Team 13

John Rusch ~ IL Jim Rusch ~ FL Paid

Team 14

Jerry Fuller ~ FL Brian Fitzgerald ~ FL Paid

Team 15


Team 16

Lee Ledbetter ~ GA Jennifer Ledbetter ~ GA Paid

Team 17

Patrick Kearney ~ "Tall PK" Daniel Brent ~ TX Paid

Team 18

Timothy Adami ~ CO
(extra night & #2)
Rock Fritch ~ CO
(extra night & #2 + x night PN)

Team 19

Dale Uplinger ~ PA Randy Parnell ~ Canada Paid

Team 20

Mary Ann McKinley ~ TX Julie Coffman ~ TX Paid

Team 21

Jon Gren ~ NY
(extra night & #2)
Michael Leone ~ PA
(extra night & #2)

Team 22

Dennis Everette ~ GA Danny Wilmer ~ VA Paid

Team 23

Connie Black ~ TX David Miles ~ TX Paid

Team 24

Darren Goryl ~ FL Greg Yager ~ FL Paid

Team 25

Les Bernabi (C) Keith Woznesensky (C) Paid

Team 26

Team 27 Bill Harrigan ~ KY (s) Jack Sammons ~ TN
Pd 500.00 (s)
Team 28 William Ebbs ~ VA David Taylor ~ VA Paid
Team 29 Chris Mader ~ NH Jim Larsen ~ NH Paid
Team 30      
Alternate List Bart Goldie    
1. Justin Mandel TBD  
2. Jason Watchel TBD